Mainspring’s Loan

Customized investments that work for you

All investments can be made on an individual loan level through the online listings or as a packaged portfolio based on your criteria.

Loan listings are continually updated as new loans are funded with small businesses and sold to investors.

Stringent credit analysis and credit tier rankings

By using a proprietary credit model, loans are categorized by risk tiers for simple classification purposes. Borrowers are placed into one of three tiers based on combined factors of their business, credit history, industry and more.

Notes loan investors receive are dependent on payment from business loan borrowers. Not FDIC-insured; Investments may lose value; No Mainspring, Blue Bridge or bank guarantee. Investors should review the credit characteristics of the borrower before investing.

Historical Portfolio Analysis


The following graph is representative of the portfolio allocation by state.


The following graph is the allocation of the portfolio by industry.

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