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Mainspring’s affiliates originate a broad array of loan products for our business customers. Those loans range in credit quality and size from $15,000 to $500,000 and consist of Equipment Financing, Working Capital and Inventory Financing across many industries. Our affiliates credit team underwrites each transaction independently and makes an internal decision of credit quality and risk. After those loans are made, they then become available for investor purchase individually as loan pools. Loan servicing is provided by our affiliates for all loans originated.

Investments Simplified.

  • Fill out an application to become an approved investor
  • A representative will contact you to open an account
  • Select loans online based on your investment criteria
  • Establish a funding date and fund your loan transactions
  • Use our affiliates in-house servicing capabilities – all documentation, tracking and monitoring of your loans is included in the service
  • Receive your monthly payments

Here are a few loans currently available:

Total loans currently listed for sale: 213

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Loan #StateCredit TierIndustryProductTIBRem. TermInvestor Yield %Business DescriptionMonthly Payment
114647AZ3TransportationEquipment32314.00%A 3 year old transportation company located in Kingman, AZ. Financing a 2005 trailer.$680.65
113150NY3MedicalEquipment105514.00%A 10 year old health consulting Service and Medical equipment rental business located in New York City and is owned 100% by PG. Financing for an EKG Machine.$1,328.58
112847FL3TransportationEquipment81914.00%An 8 year old Transportation company located in Clearwater, Florida and is owned by PG. Registered under USDOT for interstate hauling of automobiles. Financing for Auxillary Power Unit.$496.41
109276MI3TransportationEquipment35014.00%This is a two year old company located in Michigan. They have requested financing to purchase a 2016 steel quad axle dump trailer to assist with his Transportation aspect of the business.$1,639.81
114031MA2ServicesEquipment3478.00%A landscape construction business that has been in business 2 years. Financing a Volvo dump truck.$2,233.98
114546TN2ServicesEquipment23468.00%A sole proprietor who has been operating for 23 years in Maryville, TN. Financing a Bobcat Skid Steer.$743.89
111685MI2ServicesEquipment2588.00%A 2 year old hotel located in Midland, MI. Financing for furniture.$1,906.54
114310CA2ServicesEquipment3228.00%A 3 year old medical service that provides cardiac monitoring to physicians and healthcare facilities. Financing cardio monitors.$2,955.42
114447AL2RetailEquipment3358.00%A 3 year old car audio shop located in Auburn, AL. Financing for display units.$715.20
113981OR2ServicesEquipment11588.00%A 12 year old construction and metal fabricator located in Mulino Oregon. Financing for metal fabrication machines.$2,548.91
113462OR3MedicalEquipment203214.00%A licensed acupuncturist since 1995 in Tigard, Oregon. Financing for a iMRS Prof. System.$199.40
111869CO3ServicesEquipment44414.00%A 5 year old mobile auto repair business in Denver, Colorado, owned and operated by the PG. Financing tire changing equipment for emergency road side services.$1,009.41
113262KY3ServicesEquipment25614.00%A 3 year old welding and fabricating company located in Madisonville, KY. Financing for a work truck.$1,160.29
114173CA3ConstructionEquipment73414.00%A 7 year old construction company located in Groveland, California. Financing for a bucket truck.$828.40
114599TX3AutomotiveEquipment35814.00%A 3 year business that specializes in coach building, fabrication and design in the automotive industry. Financing for various production equipment.$658.25
114228IL3TransportationEquipment35914.00%A 3 year old transportation company located in Elgin, Illinois. Financing for a truck.$1,661.06
114114VA3ServicesEquipment44514.00%A 4 year old custom organization company that designs murphy beds, home office systems, customer closet interiors and more. Financing a manufacturing machine.$1,197.91
113884SC3TransportationEquipment84414.00%An 8 year old family hauling company located in Greer, SC. Financing for a 7 car trailer.$809.26
114010AK3ConstructionEquipment44514.00%A 5 year old real estate Investment Company in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Financing for kitchen appliances for rental units.$682.36
113927MO3TransportationEquipment63314.00%A transportation company in Festus, Missouri. Financing for a drop trailer.$401.08
113222OR3ServicesEquipment152014.00%A 16 year old DJ service located in Toledo, Oregon Financing for sound equipment.$1,937.61
112622AZ3ServicesEquipment73314.00%The largest locally owned waste disposal and recycling business located in Yuma, AZ. Financing an excavator and loader.$2,021.50
113890IN2ServicesEquipment1588.00%A new hotel located in Granger, IN with cross corp guarantors. Financing for hotel furniture.$3,131.92
114451WY2ServicesEquipment7598.00%A 7 year old agriculture company located in Cheyenne Wyoming. Financing for cargo storage containers.$261.60
113631KY2ManufacturingEquipment7598.00%A 7 year old company located in Leitchfield, KY. Financing for a saw system.$1,905.70
110704AL1HospitalityEquipment18496.00%This is an extended stay Hotel located in Alabama that has been operating hotels since 1997. The funds will be used to upgrade FFandE for new franchise.$2,000.63
107600TX1ConstructionEquipment10446.00%This company was found 11 years ago and is located in Texas. They are a heavy machinery rental and sales company.$1,253.65
110388CA1TransportationEquipment15506.00%A 15 year old company located in Carson, CA. Financing to purchase an additional truck to their growing fleet.$1,623.64
110212CA1TransportationEquipment8366.00%Two borrowers are both trucking operations located in Elk Grove, CA. The guarantor owns both operations. Financing for 2012 Freightliner.$1,627.20
108909NY1RestaurantEquipment10236.00%Holding company of more than 12 restaurant locations in and around New York City. Financing for POS equipment.$630.86
108145MO1HospitalityEquipment2486.00%This company was incorporated in September 2014 in Missouri. We have a cross corp that is 100% owned by our personal guarantor, which is a fourteen year old hotel in Missouri.$1,618.02
109336TX1MedicalEquipment35476.00%The owner is a 35 year doctor of internal medicines and women's health with a special interest in the area of chronic illnesses, allergies and environmental medicine.$3,125.01
108834CA1MedicalEquipment34466.00%A 35 year old medical treatment group in Montebello, CA. Financing a radiotherapy machine.$4,144.54
107863IL1HospitalityEquipment2466.00%A recently purchased hotel located in Danville, Illinois. Financing for washer and dryers and other equipment. Cross corp with other owned hotels.$1,596.45
110576DE1TransportationEquipment3516.00%A 3 year old transportation company located in Lewes, Delaware. Financing for an additional fleet vehicle.$1,315.27
113776TX2ServicesEquipment598.00%A 5 year old Rent to Own business, located in Fort Worth, Texas. Financing rental equipment.$444.50
113230FL2MedicalEquipment4338.00%A 4 year old clinical research facility located in Miami, Florida. Financing for a laser light machine.$1,174.90
114143MN2TransportationEquipment7478.00%An 8 year old transportation company located in Saginaw, Minnesota. Financing for a 2000 forestry truck.$2,760.00
114297OK2MedicalEquipment6468.00%A newer chiropractic practice located in Sapulpa, OK. PG has been a practicing chiropractor for the past 5 years and has moved into own practice.$629.69
114292MI2ServicesEquipment4348.00%A carpet cleaning service for the past 4 years in Warren, Michigan. Financing for a cleaning van and machinery.$372.00
114253OH2ServicesEquipment1558.00%A recently established hotel operator located in Mayfield Heights, Ohio with cross corp from other owners. Financing for furniture.$776.59
113798TN2ProfessionalEquipment6338.00%A 6 year old public relations and marketing firm is located in Knoxville, TN. Financing for desks and workstations.$161.57
112560FL2AutomotiveEquipment4228.00%A 4 year old automotive company located in Davie, Florida. Financing for auto repair equipment.$936.60
114233IN2RetailEquipment2108.00%A 2 year old Rent to Own business, located in Bloomington, Indiana. Financing for rental equipment.$2,008.68
114262TX2ServicesEquipment13338.00%A 13 year old transportation company located in Brownsville, Texas. Financing for two delivery trucks.$2,390.01
112325KY2TransportationEquipment2468.00%A 2 year old transportation company located in Scottsville, Kentucky and is owned by PG. Financing for a Volvo truck.$1,409.09
108942MA1RetailEquipment4346.00%This is an established deli which is expanding its Services to include not only a small Retail grocery store, but also will include a deli and a wine store.$1,854.58

Recently Sold Loans:

ProductIndustryCredit TierInvestor Yield %Rem. TermDate SoldPrice**
EquipmentService16.00%332/29/16 $67,452
EquipmentConstruction311.00%343/22/16 $55,155
EquipmentMedical28.00%473/22/16 $24,091
EquipmentMedical311.00%463/22/16 $32,972
EquipmentManufacturing16.00%343/9/16 $14,612
EquipmentConstruction28.00%263/9/16 $38,114
EquipmentTransportation28.00%473/4/16 $112,635
EquipmentService16.00%353/23/16 $39,756
EquipmentService16.00%361/12/16 $5,793
EquipmentRetail16.00%241/12/16 $7,925
EquipmentRetail16.00%351/12/16 $7,604
EquipmentService16.00%233/22/16 $25,790
EquipmentMedical16.00%283/17/16 $19,044
EquipmentMedical28.00%523/17/16 $61,486
EquipmentRetail16.00%142/29/16 $18,942
EquipmentRetail28.00%182/29/16 $31,138
Working CapitalService113.00%312/19/16 $48,482
EquipmentService16.00%442/25/16 $39,192
EquipmentTransportation28.00%572/25/16 $59,870
EquipmentService16.00%472/25/16 $359,419
EquipmentManufacturing16.00%572/25/16 $267,176
EquipmentManufacturing16.00%522/25/16 $83,063
EquipmentService28.00%402/25/16 $61,361
EquipmentTransportation28.00%502/25/16 $61,330
EquipmentService16.00%5912/31/15 $158,979
EquipmentService16.00%3612/30/15 $18,693
EquipmentConstruction16.00%5912/29/15 $85,972
EquipmentConstruction16.00%3511/9/15 $33,601
EquipmentMedical28.00%5911/9/15 $86,109
EquipmentMedical16.00%1811/9/15 $63,890
EquipmentAutomotive28.00%4311/9/15 $67,937
EquipmentRetail16.00%5511/9/15 $52,469
EquipmentRetail16.00%5511/6/15 $110,323
EquipmentHospitality28.00%911/6/15 $79,639
EquipmentTransportation314.00%4710/29/15 $35,008
Working CapitalService319.00%3510/29/15 $88,270
Working CapitalService216.00%1110/29/15 $107,789
EquipmentMedical16.00%2911/9/15 $242,189
EquipmentService16.00%3411/19/15 $10,256
EquipmentService16.00%5311/25/15 $83,935
EquipmentManufacturing16.00%5712/29/15 $78,280
EquipmentConstruction16.00%5912/17/15 $36,612
EquipmentService16.00%4512/17/15 $74,020
EquipmentRetail16.00%3412/16/15 $25,987
EquipmentService16.00%4112/16/15 $101,697
EquipmentConstruction28.00%5012/16/15 $174,343
EquipmentService16.00%5912/15/15 $45,196
EquipmentService16.00%5811/30/15 $76,385
EquipmentService16.00%2811/30/15 $119,502
EquipmentTransportation28.00%5511/25/15 $89,619
EquipmentMedical314.00%2210/29/15 $41,065

**Sale price shown is based on loan balance at time of approval, which may have changed during the review and closing process from payments towards the loan balance.

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