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Getting a small business loan is fast and easy. We work with lenders that are experienced in a variety of industries and types of loans, so you can get the financing that suits your needs.

Below are some factors that we take into consideration.
Time in Business

Time in Business

2+ Years. For most industries, small business loans start at two year requirements. Some industries or financing types will have special requirements – please contact credit specialists for details. Time in business is also a factor in determining your rate.

Small Business Credit

Credit History for the Business

Credit history is determined by a variety of factors based on the loan guarantors and your business. A strong company credit history will help you get a better rate and will be a beneficial factor in helping get a loan.

Business Loans

Financial Cash Flow

A company should be able to show financial support for the loan. Bank statements, in addition to other financials in some cases, will be required to show that you can support the monthly payments of the loan.



Applications are accepted from businesses operating in the 48 states of the Continental U.S.

Small Business


A broad industry profile is accepted for borrowers. Businesses that meet the qualification for time in business, have a strong company credit score and show that they can support the loan are good candidates for approval.

Equipment Financing

Secured Collateral

One of Mainspring’s primary originators funds loans that are secured by some type of physical asset(s). Generally, small business borrowers are seeking financing for expensive tangible items that are an essential part in helping their business function more productively.

In addition to secured assets, our affiliate’s also finance business working capital loans to be used for any business needs that your company may have.

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No down payment financing, minimal application and funding times, and the most competitive rates in the industry are available through our affiliates. Friendly staff is available to answer any questions or discuss your small business loan needs with you.

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